Dezember 2018

  • Why is it necessary?
  • Eligible assets and accepted collateralisation techniques
  • General aspects of the Eurosystem credit assessment framework
  • Eligibility criteria for all types of marketable assets
  • Temporary admission of certain marketable debt instruments
  • Specific features of covered bonds
  • Eligibility of covered bonds outside the Eurosystem
  • Changes applying to senior unsecured bonds
  • Limits with respect to unsecured debt instruments issued by credit institutions Credit quality requirements for marketable securities
  • Eligibility criteria for non-marketable assets
  • Exclusion of assets
  • Eurosystem Credit Assessment Framework for eligible assets
  • Risk control and valuation framework of marketable and non-marketable assets Acceptance of non-euro-denominated collateral in contingencies
  • Rules for the use of eligible assets
  • Valuation haircuts
  • Extract from ECBs general framework

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